struggles with my internet continue... i bought a lightning to usb a cable to tether my iphone for sharing a connection, but that busted. no matter what i do my pc doesn't recognize it as an internet source, even after updating and downloading itunes for synchronizing. now i have to return the new router and think of what to try next... my isp even assured me the connectivity here is top notch. not too happy about the price jump the routers take if i want to make sure to get something that actually gets the job done.

but very much enough of that. yesterday i came across an extremely charming looking vn called "kita e: white illumination, where you get to date girls and basically go sightseeing in hokkaido! the character designs are beautifully down to earth with high focus on the airiness and distinct cuts of the hairstyles, they look like something you'd actually see on a modern girl today, especially with the relevancy of y2k fashion.

as a self-certified mixed media enthusiast it completely blew me away with actual photos of sapporo being used as backdrops for the already gorgeous and soft sprite art of the characters. i wonder if i could get this to run on an emulator, it even has voice acting... 1999 hokkaido looks to have an atmosphere i'd be more than happy to get lost in.

speaking of lovely character designs, i've had this hidamari screenshot sitting in my folders waiting for a chance to get out. now that i've gone through every season, i can officially state how surprised i still am for how many unique but loyal to the character's style outfits the series provided throughout its run.

all of them were so cute i couldn't pick a favorite – from yuno's cute, girly and slightly naive way of dressing to the tomboyish and easy to move in comfortable fits of miyako, and sae's more toned down cool vibes with hiro's feminine and flowy silhouettes. then there's the endless joy of whatever the hell yoshinoya has going on and nori, nazuna and chika and the landlady! i'm 100% sure there's someone who has catalogued all of their outfits somewhere, and i'm inclined to search for it.

LOOK at them, so fashionable and cute

in closing news, i saw a cute video of a little tin box made into a carry-on utility stash the other night, and decided to make my own! i'm already obsessed with having extra pouches, hooks and utility ropes attached to my main backpack for the sake of adventure and convenience, so this spoke directly to my soul. especially because it's basically just a collection of miniatures, functional ones at that. for now mine ended up including: needle, thread, snapped box cutter blade, pencil, eraser, slips of paper, chewing gum, tape, plasters, 2€ coin, matches and match striker paper! quite the punch in a small pack!!

very quaint and handy