i've been rather lazy with going for walks, but somehow found the motivation to clean my apartment completely instead. i started to wipe the floors and vacuum the carpets, which turned into me hunting for an old ipad charger so i could use that on my phone and simultaneously charge my ipad, which in turn turned into me finding old treasure! while going through boxes i came across my old digital camera that i thought was broken, since the last time i tried turning it on it had absolutely no response, but decided to give it another chance and plugged its battery to an outlet.

in the same box was also something else rather curious – an old finnish copy of pokemon yellow's manual! the cover page was rather in tatters, but the booklet itself had weathered time really well. now if only i could put my finger on where i put my tamawalker from soul silver, i want to try it out again.

it says: what mood is pikachu in? i'm thinking of making the second pic into a png for this blog, it's too good hm hmm

after the camera's battery had charged, i put it back in and pressed the power button. and it worked!! i wonder what the problem was years ago when it couldn't muster power to turn on. what greeted me back were shaky pictures of northern lights taken from my childhood apartment's veranda, and i almost teared up. there's so many memories crammed into that small apartment that neither my mom or me inhabit anymore, and the pictures felt so familiar. i remember that night very clearly, it was the first time i had seen the northern lights and i rushed to get my camera and put on a jacket to get a shot. i'm so glad these photos stayed behind, i'm not sure if i ever got to transfer these to my pc. i might have to invest in an sd card reader so i can start using this camera again.

of course this camera wasn't safe from my stickers either. also a very happy coincidence about my tamas seeing the aurora yesterday while i found these photos myself haha

now i'm just chilling, winding down from all the dust annilihation while listening to a hikaru utada dj mix while typing this. i realized i've gathered a small nest of tech and knickknacks around me again that i need to put in order... i just cleaned dammit. but that reminds me i could boot up my tama corner shop 2 on 3ds to lull me to sleep. i'm torn between that or listening to some frou frou while making up scenarios to fall asleep to... i have a bad habit of not allowing myself to enjoy things in isolation, thinking i need to create perfect situations to enjoy them fully, like "i need to have x done before i can properly enjoy y". i need to be more impulsive and create space for things to exist just because, not if when.

i'm rather excited for tomorrow because there's a snbn vr chat collab, i even set up two alarms... THEN i'll definitely go for a walk (definitely...). yesterday was also super lovely because i saw my bestie after a few weeks and we literally ran our mouths so much both of our voices were completely HOARSE after the day. i've even been blessed with a new friend i really cherish, i'm feeling a lot better compared to last year. i wanna end this entry with saying to please check up on your friends if you can and haven't done that for someone in a while. treat them kindly, pay them attention when you do meet them and show genuine interest in what they have to say, i really wish this was more obvious. okay, goodnight and thanks for reading! (◜▿‾ ≡‾▿◝)