i did it, i took my bike to the repair shop! after a whole year! whoops. but the worker there was so friendly and smiled kindly, made me really happy. they even finished the job in a day, just in time for the workshop. the ride back was soooo smooth, my lord cycling hasn't felt that easy and breezy for a long time. it wasn't tiring at all, all the resistance was completely gone and i was left gliding!

i wanted to write yesterday and post silly watercolor doodles but i got so tired so early and passed out. who would have known that moving your body helps you sleep. the little journal that i now use has way too smooth and thick pages, but once you wet them they become so deliciously crinkly, now i can't stop scrunching the thing. i even got to break the spine of the book since it's so pliable! where was i going with this. i feel like every time i open a program to write these entries i keep missing the interesting stuff i actually want to jot down, hm.

tamagotchi friends and a sky. i have to turn my tamas back on, i'm on a tama roll as you can tell

i've been getting so into hidamari sketch. it's been a fun experience to go through it slowly, watch an episode or two while i'm eating and let it sit waiting for the next time. it just keeps getting cozier the more you get to know the cast and the animation evolves with it so smoothly without losing its visual gags and style. this is why i love slice of life so much, the more you get me attached to the characters, the more special every fun little thing they do feels and sol is usually heavily structured around the characters.

there was a bit where yuno ordered an espresso, got startled when it arrived due to not knowing it's supposed to be small, and embarrassedly asked if it's meant to match her size. it wouldn't have been half as funny if her small stature and naivety weren't already a running joke spanning the previous seasons, and the delivery of the line was so adorable, all of it enough to make me snort. i love it when jokes are built on with time, it's like you're sharing inside jokes with the characters themselves.

also a note to myself to end on: remember to paragraph better! i really love cramming all my thoughts into a never-ending ramble let it be speech or text, but i want my blog to remain legible.

cutest freaking budgie keychain i found the other day, my god i want it but it was kinda expensive... should i go back for it??