i'm sick for the first time in three or four years! i feel like that's an achievement in itself. not going to lie, i've always liked being sick because you have a reason to laze around and recharge. i woke up in the middle of the because of a fever making me both hot and cold and i kept seeing zomboid dreams (i watched sonny's pov from a week ago before falling asleep...). now i feel great with just sniffling around, and especially because i got company from both of my new tamas!!

dual wielding!

i managed to secure a tamagotchi smart niziu version from a second hand site, i even encountered the same seller from two years ago when i bought my korean tamagotchi some, haha. i took my sweet time applying screen protectors, but i'm super happy how evenly the application ended up. tamagotchi uni is so cute, i haven't gone through all the menus yet, but i keep sending my tama on walks to fetch diy materials. both of them even have nature themed houses! i do wish they didn't get rid of the naming system in the color tamas though, i miss that touch of personality, makes me want to run my v4.5 again some day. with these new additions to my collection, my tama shrine page is now officially up, please do check that one out too!!

the uni is so pretty, love love LOVE the transparent back. mofuwatchi in the smart drew an extremely cute picture with art supplies i bought him

the new miku collaboration with pokemon is so cool, i started a wip of water miku since that one is my favorite with the grass one. while rillaboom is extremely far from my favorite mon, the green miku's design is SO cute, i'm just a sucker for anything green and grass and water (with ice) are my favorite typings. can't wait to see ice miku!!