two posts on one day?? that's because i wrote the rain code post till 5 am lol, it was supposed to be posted before midnight but i ended up editing till early morning... and speaking of rain code, kazutaka kodaka quote retweeted my shinigami-chan... ueueue i'm SO happy and taken aback T__T my fangirl hear is very full right now HAHAAAAA my hands were shaking... i'm currently doodling vivia, i want to draw halara too!! slowly getting back into the art groove. i wanna do more 3ds doodles and draw on post-it notes too! i feel like they'd make cool blog pngs.

now to the post title, i actually wanted to share two funny fits i found back from june:

i've never actually worn these out, just wanted to play around hehe. my hair looks so frizzy lol, i love the fish hat so much though

my fringe is poking me in the eyes, i think i'll have to trim it today. i'm kind of yearning to go back to short and layered hair... but i'll resist (for now huhu).