it's been a while!! three weeks of a while. to the point i forgot i made this blog to be an outlet so i could give myself more freedom to do more but guess who got into a slump, oops. i wanna draw more, move more, write more, do more... one of those waves where you kind of lose interest in everything is how it went. i think the remedy is to do something without expectations, for the process itself. i constantly need to give myself permission for things which is not a good formula to work with, i'm trying to stop putting conditions into everything i do. BUT! it's alright and you can always start kicking again.

in the quiet absence i caught up on blue lock starting with the anime which was really underwhelming, but man the manga rocks. it's so campy and funny i actually stood up to laugh during reading once. i love how the movement and facial expressions are drawn in it, i also love how structural their chunky necks feel too. reo and chigiri are peak, love the jealous possessive milf hunter bf and everyone's princess respectively. my blue lock truther era started from when i was still cat sitting and rewatched the newer seasons of haikyuu for movement motivation, then started thinking what sports anime had i still left untouched. now i'm super slowly rereading the chapters from where the anime ends. if only i knew enough people to play sports with... i'm actually scared of volleyball but pretty good at badminton! oh and of course i played through the new ffxiv patch 6.4, but won't say anything about it yet because of spoilers.

since june is my birthday month i want to spend it a little differently if only to change the mood in general. like i said i want to draw more, and let up on being so hung up on rendering every piece i want to post online. it's kinda funny since i often find sketches or doodles much more interesting and energetic but don't let myself do it that much. in the end i want to express more ideas which i KNOW will make me happier so i'm going to keep telling myself just that. i want to connect more!! kind of embarrassing to be candid to even this level, but it helps that this is a rather private space in the end lol. and to that, happy june to you who's reading!!

my island sanctuary has been infested with mushrooms