not actually a post collecting gifs and brushes, sorry! what i mean is that i started making a gif on procreate, it'll probably be ready by tomorrow. also searched for pixel brushes for procreate and came across a good guide for it, now i can make my own funky emotes! actually i'll show you immediately.

sleepy drooly wobbly cat

this was fun. kinda weird that i had to upload it to drive first for it to work properly as a transparent image though. also annoying how iphone doesn't seem to like using bluetooth across different devices... by the time my mini stops working, i hope there's a more affordable smart flip phone, cause i'll be getting that. OH AND!! there was big news last night! it had been known for a while that there was a new tamagotchi device registered, but we finally got a leaked image of it, and i completely fell in love!! it's called tamagotchi uni, there's likely to be nine different shell designs with see-through plastic making a comeback! the release date is 15th of july as of now, please do check it out! it looks like to be an english variation of the smart, but with its own twist to make it into its own thing.

listening to katamari playlists has been great while blogging, recommended for reading too. all the guestbook messages have been so cute and i've been doing nothing but grinning while going through them, thank you to all for taking the time to do it!! and the most recent one, vinn, i don't know how else to reach out but oh my god that tidbit about the vocaloid producer was so interesting and adorable, and indeed a good coincidence! glad you could find the person still kicking and doing good, i love hearing little stories and thoughts like this. and no worries, this blog is nothing but joyful for me! as a fellow kris liker thank you so much for going through the gallery, looking at the art and sending such a fun message! :D

i'll end this day with an outfit photo from yesterday. tomorrow will be busy, gotta do awful stuff like calculate expenses for... something (i'll disclose it later). and finish the gif! now for my favorite time of the day, watching tim rogers' video essay about boku no natsuyasumi for ps1 in bed. absolute favorite video even if this is only my second viewing of it. goodnight!