oh boy. today was going to be the day i was going to buy that sweet tamagotchi smart with a smart card, but my paypal balance reminded me i had recently bought some stuff from the squenix store... well the estinien, alphi and ali acrylic standees plus heavensward acrylic block were very much worth it. i made a shared order with my cousin, he got the sharlayan cup, ninja standee, pin and amaurot laptop case. it was super fun to go through all the merch and link cool stuff we found back and forth.

i spent a good chunk of the day tinkering with my flip phone, trying out different wallpapers. pinterest doesn't sadly work on its browser anymore, last year it still opened the site without issue. as i went through old video game screenshots it brought back mabinogi to my consciousness (it doesn't really ever leave from there though), and i had to google what happened to the mobile version of it. as the image suggests, the mobile version of the game should still be in the works. too bad it looks like they upscaled the 3d models, i'd love to download it to soak in the familiar songs, atmosphere and take fun screenshots. something to play just before bed to see a dream or two from the past.

found an old screenshot of my mabinogi character, text says: "i wanna do my cloud already take the screenshot". i'll leave you wondering what exactly that means (i'm not that mean the cloud is a pet summon)

and oh lord i just realized i've been posting all images here as .png instead of .jpg... the amount of space i could be saving for future posts. guess i have a little project before bed now... i was going to doodle something but honestly i don't even know what. time for a spring chikorita? i went out too late today but spring is really lengthening the days here, it's still relatively light until 10pm. snow is starting to melt here and there too! tomorrow i shall brainstorm proper doodles (what is that) and craft projects fueled by spring. oh and i can see again cause i trimmed my bangs. i like cutting my hair too much. see ya tomorrow!