welcome to the discovery page! here i'll link to various topics of interest, including websites, resources, singular videos or whatever else occupies an occasional but persisting thought in my head.

  • kaijuli
  • finnish website for keeping parrots. high quality information on everything parrots - how to create a stimulating and safe environment, cage sizes, minimum size of flock for different breeds, safe house plants, etc.

  • magic poser
  • free 3d model posing for drawing reference. contains several models for different body types and stylization.

  • jlearn
  • the most useful site i frequent! heard a phrase or word in japanese you can't decipher? type it out in romaji and the site gives you several translation suggestions along with kanji and furigana.

  • jlect
  • same as above, but for dialects! good to check if you can't find your word on jlearn.

  • gotchi garden
  • wonderful and delightful site for everything tamagotchi. works as a hub to other tamagotchi centered sites for resources. i personally recommend visiting the archived versions of old tamatowns!

  • flaming text
  • create cool text!